School Closure

3rd April 2020

Currently our school is closed to families due to the COVID-19 crisis. Please contact me via email. Existing parents may also use our text messaging service. For support with...

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Plant & Play

3rd March 2020

We had a wonderful time this morning in the Spring sunshine. Vikki was helping us to plant up our big, empty pots! We put the compost in and planted rosemary, lemon thyme, lavendar and mint! They all...

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Young at Art

26th February 2020

We enjoyed a fantastic morning with Young at Art.  We engaged in drama and art sessions, which included making stick men.  This was our pre-festival workshop.  Soon, we will be going...

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Happy Valentine's Day

14th February 2020

Over the week we have been carefully making something special.  We enjoy oatmeal biscuits in nursery, so we decided to make them for someone we love.  We carefully mixed our ingredients,...

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Fairytale Day.

10th February 2020

We had lots of fun today! We dressed up as different characters. We brought money in for the charity Autism NI. ...

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Clayrazy 'Stay & Play'

31st January 2020

We have had a lovely creative time this afternoon making our models. It was especially fun to have our families with us....

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Feeding the Birds

29th January 2020

As part of our Winter topic, we are learning to care for the birds in our environment.  We have been talking about the importance of feeding the birds during winter.  We also made our own...

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December days

20th December 2019

We have really enjoyed Term One at Nursery. Lots of new things have been learned and we have investigated and explored many new concepts. It has been so lovely to play with our friends. We especially...

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Christmas Concert at St Teresa's Nursery School

17th December 2019

We had a fantastic morning at St Teresa's singing our songs from 'A King is Born.'  Please look at our photos under the Shared Education tab....

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Christmas Shortbread

16th December 2019

We had great fun making shortbread with Mrs Brush. We counted out the ingredients and talked about how the mixture changed. The smell of our baking filled the Nursery! We are especially looking...

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Christmas Jump, Jiggle and Jive!

6th December 2019

We had our last session for Term One. We had lots of fun joining in and responding during our very active Music and Movement activities. We especially loved relaxing and winding down at the end of...

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Environmental Christmas Elf visit

5th December 2019

Belfast Council sent us a Christmas Elf to help us with tidying away all our Christmas litter. She told us stories about Santa and his reindeer and we know how to keep our environment litter-free!...

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Outdoor Play

4th December 2019

We recently purchased some new resources to develop our outdoor play area.  Children were very enthusiastic and really enjoyed playing with the new equipment.  They turned crates into cars...

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Stay and Play

22nd November 2019

Thank you to all parents and grandparents who came to enjoy our 'Stay & Play'. We had a lovely time creating sparkly candle holders and jewelled crowns....

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Children in Need

15th November 2019

We had super fun today! We are learning about 'People Who Help Us'. Today we were helpers to Pudsey and Blush. The money we raised will go to some children who need our help. We decorated biscuits to...

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People Who Help Us

12th November 2019

Mrs Cunningham's class had the pleasure of a parent coming in this morning to talk about her role as a nurse.  She provided the children with lots of information about her role, and the children...

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Men's breakfast

24th October 2019

Thank you to all who came to enjoy breakfast. We value your partnership and all your ideas....

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Mr Hullabaloo

22nd October 2019

We had our first visit from Mr Hullabaloo this morning.  He told us different magical stories.  We enjoyed learning about the pumpkin that didn't want to leave the ground, the hen whose...

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Soup Making!

15th October 2019

Mrs Brush has been making lentil soup with us. We followed a recipe and counted how many carrots we needed. We had a sniff at all the ingredients! We chopped all the carrots, onions and garlic and...

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