December days

20th December 2019

We have really enjoyed Term One at Nursery. Lots of new things have been learned and we have investigated and explored many new concepts. It has been so lovely to play with our friends. We especially...

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Christmas Concert at St Teresa's Nursery School

17th December 2019

We had a fantastic morning at St Teresa's singing our songs from 'A King is Born.'  Please look at our photos under the Shared Education tab....

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Christmas Shortbread

16th December 2019

We had great fun making shortbread with Mrs Brush. We counted out the ingredients and talked about how the mixture changed. The smell of our baking filled the Nursery! We are especially looking...

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Christmas Jump, Jiggle and Jive!

6th December 2019

We had our last session for Term One. We had lots of fun joining in and responding during our very active Music and Movement activities. We especially loved relaxing and winding down at the end of...

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Environmental Christmas Elf visit

5th December 2019

Belfast Council sent us a Christmas Elf to help us with tidying away all our Christmas litter. She told us stories about Santa and his reindeer and we know how to keep our environment litter-free!...

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Stay and Play

22nd November 2019

Thank you to all parents and grandparents who came to enjoy our 'Stay & Play'. We had a lovely time creating sparkly candle holders and jewelled crowns....

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Children in Need

15th November 2019

We had super fun today! We are learning about 'People Who Help Us'. Today we were helpers to Pudsey and Blush. The money we raised will go to some children who need our help. We decorated biscuits to...

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Men's breakfast

24th October 2019

Thank you to all who came to enjoy breakfast. We value your partnership and all your ideas....

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Mr Hullabaloo

22nd October 2019

We had our first visit from Mr Hullabaloo this morning.  He told us different magical stories.  We enjoyed learning about the pumpkin that didn't want to leave the ground, the hen whose...

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Coffee and Donuts morning!

13th October 2019

Our Family Care leader Mrs Murphy had a lovely morning with parents who stayed for chat and a cuppa. Our partnership with parents is very valuable to us. We enjoy working closely together to support...

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Early Days

13th October 2019

The children are enjoying exploring their new environment. New friends have been made during our settling in period....

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Help with the digging! Ready for new planting and growing.

22nd June 2019

BIG thank you to our volunteer team. They spent all Saturday helping to revive our outdoor environment. After a well deserved breakfast, the team got to work. The planting beds had become overgrown...

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Pressing Flowers

6th June 2019

We had a visit from Aimee who showed us how to print a picture with real flowers! We loved the smell of the flowers in our classroom and the petals were so soft. We used roses, sunflowers and iris...

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Summer Fun

14th May 2019

The sun is shining! What a beautiful day for filling our outdoor water trays.  The children have really enjoyed exploring boats, and pouring and filling.  Children have been learning about...

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Ark Farm Trip

3rd April 2019

We had a fantastic day at Ark Farm.  We braved the very cold weather and got to meet lovely animals that live on the farm.  We saw a tortoise, corn snake, pigs, rabbits, donkeys, cows,...

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Young at Art

8th March 2019

We had a fantastic morning with Young at Art.  We engaged in various art and drama activities. ...

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Joint Christmas Songs with St Teresa's Nursery

17th December 2018

We sang our nativity songs with so much heart at St Teresa's Nursery School this morning.  Some parents joined in on our morning, which was lovely.  We are beginning to recognise our...

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Peter Pan Pantomime

7th December 2018

We had so much fun today at the Courtyard Theatre watching Peter Pan.  After the show, we met a very special person....Santa!  He gave us all a selection box for being such great girls and...

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